The MNR Trophies have been leaked!!

19 04 2010

Whatever, here’s the list of Trophies for ModNation Racers, albeit with the hidden ones, erm, hidden – for now…  Enjoy.


ModNation Legend – earn all the MNR Trophies to unlock this Platinum Trophy                                                                                                                                              

Anonymous – play an online race
Newcomer – complete the qualifier race
Mechanic – create a kart in kart studio
Sculpture – create a track in track studio
Dresser – create a mod in mod studio
Shopping Spree – enter the shop
Getting to know you – invite 5 unique friends to an online race
Fill ‘er up – fill your boost meter
Knockin’ boost – drive over a hundred boost pads
ModSpot Explorer – visit all the locations in the ModSpot
Headspinner – do a 1080 spin and land successfully
Taster Session – try all the game modes in single player race
Showing the World – win 10 online races
Trigger Happy – use all the weapons in the game
Fast Learner – complete all the race tutorials (and watch all the videos)
Offering Opinions – rate 10 tracks, 10 mods and 10 karts
Pioneer Racer – be part of the first race on a published track
Drifing Superstar – earn 100,000 drift points in one drift
The Drifter – drift 1,000 times in total
Slow and Steady – win an action race without using any boosts or a boost pad
Pacifist – win an action race without firing any weapons
Remixer – remix a character, a kart and a track
Series Winner – win a ranked race series
ModNation Prospect – earn at least 1,000 total XP (including race and create)
Say Cheese! – use photomode in a race, a studio or in the ModSpot
Beat Down – win your first online action race on a particular published track
Bruiser – get a total of 200 takedowns
Aggro Racer – sideswipe 75 opponents
Sharing Karts – publish a kart and have at least 10 people download it
Sharing Mods – publish a character and have at least 10 people download it
Sharing Splines – publish a track and have at least 10 people download it


Flaming Hot! – get in the top 10% in Hot Lap Mode on any given day
Join the Team – beat all 28 developer best lap times in career
ModNation Star – earn at least 5,000 Total XP
Level of Merit – complete all the career challenger
Hoarder – Collect all the tokens in single player career
Taking on the World – win 100 online races


Dominator – come first in every race in the career
Star Creator – earn at least 250,000 Create XP
ModNation Superstar – achieve level rank 30

There are 7 hidden Trophies, too.

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MNR™ – Artist Spotlight #1 (Ted Price)

13 04 2010

Today, Sony Playstation unveiled their first artist spotlight – Ted Price, Founder of Insomniac Games (Creators of the Ratchet and Clank series.)

For the blog post on the PS.Blog, follow this link – 

But, if you are just interested in the video, go to this link – 




3 04 2010

I noticed that on Game has updated their MNR page with the GAME exclusive Nathan Drake + Friends!! Yeah!!

EU Pre-Order Goodies Detailed UPDATED!!

3 04 2010

Today, Sony Playstation EU detailed the MNR Pre-Order Goodies for EU!!

This pack available from will get you Kratos from the God of War & his Kart of Chaos + his friends.

This pack available from Amazon UK will get you Ratchet & Clank + their friends.

This pack will get you Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series & his Jungle Jeep + his friends.


Possible Move support for MNR in future? Hopefully!!

27 03 2010

Joystiq recently interviewed ModNation Racers producer Dan Sochan about possible Move Support?

Joystiq asked; The big news at GDC this year was the Move controller.  Is that something ModNation Racers might feature in some way?

Dan replied; It’s something we’re really excited about. We realized we wanted to focus on the core racing for this part of the game with the SIXAXIS controller, but we do want to investigate it for the future. We just see a lot of cool ways of implementing it. Grabbing the terrain with the motion controller and literally pulling it up and stretching it out to make mountains, or push it in with the Z-axis to cut in and make water and ravines. And then, giving a spray painting job to your car itself. Or moving around decals on your character. There’s a lot of fun implementations.

My response; YES!! Finally!! Hallelujah!!

Joystiq also asked about PlayStation Home connectivity, PS3 to PSP connectivity and the campaign for MNR PS3 and PSP!!

For the full interview, go to


The Box Art for MNR for the EU & the US + US Pre-Order Goodies Detailed NOW WITH LINKS!!

15 03 2010
YES!! Today, Sony Playstation US and EU announced the lovely box art for MNR!!
Left, EU PSP Box Art. Centre, US PS3 Box Art. Right, EU PS3 Box Art
The PS3 and PSP versions will be released on the 25th May in the US and will hopefully be launched the same week in the EU.
Today, they also announced the US and hopefully, EU will recieve pre-order bonuses if you pre-order MNR from specific companies.
You will recieve Kratos & his Kart of Chaos & if you pre-order MNR from GameStop
You will recieve Ratchet & Clank if you pre-order MNR from Amazon
You will recieve Nathan Drake & his Jungle Jeep if you pre-order MNR from Best Buy
Yes!! I think I’ll be getting Nathan Drake!!
The Links :-
Best Buy –

Happy New Year!!

1 01 2010

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you all will enjoy MNR this year!!