Possible Move support for MNR in future? Hopefully!!

27 03 2010

Joystiq recently interviewed ModNation Racers producer Dan Sochan about possible Move Support?

Joystiq asked; The big news at GDC this year was the Move controller.  Is that something ModNation Racers might feature in some way?

Dan replied; It’s something we’re really excited about. We realized we wanted to focus on the core racing for this part of the game with the SIXAXIS controller, but we do want to investigate it for the future. We just see a lot of cool ways of implementing it. Grabbing the terrain with the motion controller and literally pulling it up and stretching it out to make mountains, or push it in with the Z-axis to cut in and make water and ravines. And then, giving a spray painting job to your car itself. Or moving around decals on your character. There’s a lot of fun implementations.

My response; YES!! Finally!! Hallelujah!!

Joystiq also asked about PlayStation Home connectivity, PS3 to PSP connectivity and the campaign for MNR PS3 and PSP!!

For the full interview, go to http://www.joystiq.com/2010/03/15/interview-modnation-racers-dan-sochan/