The Box Art for MNR for the EU & the US + US Pre-Order Goodies Detailed NOW WITH LINKS!!

15 03 2010
YES!! Today, Sony Playstation US and EU announced the lovely box art for MNR!!
Left, EU PSP Box Art. Centre, US PS3 Box Art. Right, EU PS3 Box Art
The PS3 and PSP versions will be released on the 25th May in the US and will hopefully be launched the same week in the EU.
Today, they also announced the US and hopefully, EU will recieve pre-order bonuses if you pre-order MNR from specific companies.
You will recieve Kratos & his Kart of Chaos & if you pre-order MNR from GameStop
You will recieve Ratchet & Clank if you pre-order MNR from Amazon
You will recieve Nathan Drake & his Jungle Jeep if you pre-order MNR from Best Buy
Yes!! I think I’ll be getting Nathan Drake!!
The Links :-
Best Buy –

MNR on PSP!!

6 02 2010

ModNation Racers will be karting its way on the PSP. Whoo!


Happy New Year!!

1 01 2010

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you all will enjoy MNR this year!!


MNR US Beta starts Tomorrow!!

17 12 2009

For those of you who picked up the LittleBig Planet : Game of the Year Edition, your MNR beta codes will activate on tomorrow, December 18 and the beta will run through to the January 10. Sorry for the delay, the computer has been getting repaired.


A new Offical Trailer for MNR

17 07 2009

Yesterday, Sony Playstation released a new trailer for ModNation Racers. To see it, go to


Welcome to my Blog dedicated to ModNation Racers!!

4 06 2009

This blog will be all about the recently announced PS3 game, ModNation Racers!! The game was announced at E3 yesterday. For all the info, go to –