The MNR Trophies have been leaked!!

19 04 2010

Whatever, here’s the list of Trophies for ModNation Racers, albeit with the hidden ones, erm, hidden – for now…  Enjoy.


ModNation Legend – earn all the MNR Trophies to unlock this Platinum Trophy                                                                                                                                              

Anonymous – play an online race
Newcomer – complete the qualifier race
Mechanic – create a kart in kart studio
Sculpture – create a track in track studio
Dresser – create a mod in mod studio
Shopping Spree – enter the shop
Getting to know you – invite 5 unique friends to an online race
Fill ‘er up – fill your boost meter
Knockin’ boost – drive over a hundred boost pads
ModSpot Explorer – visit all the locations in the ModSpot
Headspinner – do a 1080 spin and land successfully
Taster Session – try all the game modes in single player race
Showing the World – win 10 online races
Trigger Happy – use all the weapons in the game
Fast Learner – complete all the race tutorials (and watch all the videos)
Offering Opinions – rate 10 tracks, 10 mods and 10 karts
Pioneer Racer – be part of the first race on a published track
Drifing Superstar – earn 100,000 drift points in one drift
The Drifter – drift 1,000 times in total
Slow and Steady – win an action race without using any boosts or a boost pad
Pacifist – win an action race without firing any weapons
Remixer – remix a character, a kart and a track
Series Winner – win a ranked race series
ModNation Prospect – earn at least 1,000 total XP (including race and create)
Say Cheese! – use photomode in a race, a studio or in the ModSpot
Beat Down – win your first online action race on a particular published track
Bruiser – get a total of 200 takedowns
Aggro Racer – sideswipe 75 opponents
Sharing Karts – publish a kart and have at least 10 people download it
Sharing Mods – publish a character and have at least 10 people download it
Sharing Splines – publish a track and have at least 10 people download it


Flaming Hot! – get in the top 10% in Hot Lap Mode on any given day
Join the Team – beat all 28 developer best lap times in career
ModNation Star – earn at least 5,000 Total XP
Level of Merit – complete all the career challenger
Hoarder – Collect all the tokens in single player career
Taking on the World – win 100 online races


Dominator – come first in every race in the career
Star Creator – earn at least 250,000 Create XP
ModNation Superstar – achieve level rank 30

There are 7 hidden Trophies, too.

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MNR™ – Artist Spotlight #1 (Ted Price)

13 04 2010

Today, Sony Playstation unveiled their first artist spotlight – Ted Price, Founder of Insomniac Games (Creators of the Ratchet and Clank series.)

For the blog post on the PS.Blog, follow this link – 

But, if you are just interested in the video, go to this link – 




3 04 2010

I noticed that on Game has updated their MNR page with the GAME exclusive Nathan Drake + Friends!! Yeah!!

EU Pre-Order Goodies Detailed UPDATED!!

3 04 2010

Today, Sony Playstation EU detailed the MNR Pre-Order Goodies for EU!!

This pack available from will get you Kratos from the God of War & his Kart of Chaos + his friends.

This pack available from Amazon UK will get you Ratchet & Clank + their friends.

This pack will get you Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series & his Jungle Jeep + his friends.


Happy iPad day!!

3 04 2010

Happy iPad day!! Many WordPress bloggers will now be blogging from their Apple iPads from today but, I will not because I am from the UK and we will receive the Apple iPad in Late April/Early May and when I get my Apple iPad, I will be very happy!!


April Fools’ Day

1 04 2010

I will never post any phoney info on this blog!! So, you will always that I will post legit info only!!